RM 1 #AyamTua Promo – Macao Chicken Set







在9月期间,凡是购买以下配套就可享有 #RM1老母鸡 的促销!

配套1:2只马草鸡 + 1只鸳鸯鸡

配套2: 任选5只走地鸡(多达7种供你选择)

选择很多 – #7种走地鸡

马草鸡 菜园鸡 鸳鸯鸡 甘榜鸡

荷兰鸡 甘榜童子鸡 胡须鸡



Purchase any packages below and get #AyamTUA at only #RM1, ONLY IN SEPTEMBER! 👇🏻

🐓 Set 1:2 Macao Chicken + 1 Yuan Yang Chicken
🐓 Set 2:Any 5 free-range chicken(Choose from Macao Chicken, Yuan Yang Chicken,Holland Chicken, Bearded Chicken, Cai Yuan Chicken, Kampung Chicken and Kampung Spring Chicken)

FREE DELIVERY to all coverage areas! (Klang Valley only)

  • Complimentary cutting service available
  • Free Delivery
  • Limited Time Offer
  • This offer is good only while stock last


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