Black Chicken 乌鸡


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Black chicken offers high levels of iron and nutrients and has comparably less calories than regular chicken, mostly due to a lower fat content. The ‘black chicken’ is also rich in antioxidant known as carnosine – which fortifies the immunity, strengthen muscles and stabilizes the nervous system. This is also a good option for those who are cautious about their calorie intake as it is lower in calorie also due to it’s low fat content.

FUN FACT: Black Chicken often has white feathers and occasionally brown! Other species which is the ‘Black Feet Chicken’ has a fully black exterior but the meat/skin is white, leaving only the feet to be black


  • Average weight around 0.35 – 0.5kg (after removing feathers & intestines, the weight includes head, feet, and internal organs)

  • Whole chicken with head and feet (No internal organs)



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