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Loyalty and Rewards Benefits

Reap the best benefits with membership for ease of purchases and get rewarded along the way!

  • Monthly Promo for our Registered User’s only!
  • Hassle free check-out with wallets and delivery details – goodbye retyping your address everytime you purchase!
  • Check your order history – you can track back your old orders with us.
  • Easy and safe transaction – no need to key in payment details for every purchase!
  • Earn rebates whenever you spend with us – we want to reward you for your loyalty, every RM100 you spend with us you get a rebate of RM1 if you use the Wallet Top Up feature.
  • Earn credit when you refer your friends!



Refer your friend to join us on our website today and get referral credits! Make sure you register to be able to benefit from this reward 🙂 Just click the ‘Wallet’ logo to view your credit and referral link!



Our customers won’t have to fill payment details every time an order is made – just simply log in and pay for products using the wallet money. With this we are also offering cashback for our customers! With every RM100 spent we are rewarding you with a credit back to your wallet with a value of RM1